Every Corporate office requires its own security needs and plans, whether you require a strong security presence or a discreet security cover, we offer a package that is unique and best suited to your business.

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The company has the capability to design and develop and deliver security solutions ranging from manned guards to sites seamed, transportation of cash and integration of electronic security goods.

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The days of casual bank security norms is well behind us, growing customer sophistication, high technology & intense global competition has brought about a kind of change that is unbelievable. Customer–service and focus has been the force of change which pinpoints the quality of bank service. What’s resulted, banks have become more customer–friendly.

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It covers housing colonies, apartments, villas & such other home nests, a growing security danger. It’s a tough & demanding task, one that demands security of the best available kind.

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We are one of the reputed security service providers in the aspect of manned security. Our Security Guarding Services are of immense value as it is executed in an efficient manner at our clients’ location.

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Hotel Security is a growing business, scores of hotels across the world demand security of the best kind. Being a area with magnetic lure that’s seductive, security guards should be extra smart & swift to handle a security hazard before it spirals out of bound.

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Many events turn dark when certain bad or reclusive elements keep dangerous intention to create an annoying scene or rumpus for a few minutes of fame.

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We select our staff through:

  • Through Newspaper Advertisement
  • HR Management
  • Our own placement Services
  • Ex- Servicemen
  • Through Various Training Centers Authorized by DG (Civil Defence & HomeGuard)
  • Through RSLDC (Rajasthan Govt. Training Project)


We take verification of our staff very seriously and do not compromise in this. We took every measure to verify including verification through :

  • Police Verification
  • Medical Certificate
  • By our own staff Training