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Training & Development

Training plays a major part in proper security and we highly emphasize on right our proper training. Majority of our personnel are ex-servicemen who have performed and managed similar tasks during their devoted and distinguished carrier having attained invaluable experience for management of modern security needs.

We plan our training in consultation with our principal employees so that no security aspects are missed out. Till such our principal employees, the guard himself and we are satisfied that the duty is discharged to perfection, out efforts do not cease.

We have proper training facility to train our guards physically and professionally. In addition, we also impart training based on specific requirement of our principal employees.

Quality is again crucial part of security without quality; commitment cannot be achieved. We select profession guards having good experience of working in similar environment. It is also ensured that they are of minimum acceptable education, physical fitness standards, Height -5’6 can communicate properly and are of better IQ So that they can handle telephone system, electronic, security equipments and other detection and control systems.